Exegesis of the New Testament

McGill University, Montréal

. . .  offers a practical introduction to classical and contemporary methods of interpreting the New Testament. The course is divided into weekly modules, each of which focuses on a representative text from the Gospels, Acts, Epistles, or Revelation. These modules are futher subdivided into 50-minute workshops and two-hour discussion sections. The workshops involve practical exercises designed to acquaint students with key disciplines, tools, and methods for the study of the New Testament. Weekly exegetical reports provide a starting point for discussion of critical issues raised by the assigned text . . . Read the syllabus

Bible and Western Culture

McGill University, Montréal

. . .  surveys the historical contexts and literary structures of the Bible in its own right as well as the influence of the Bible in literature, art, music, and film. Key persons, stories, and themes from the Bible and its history of interpretation will be studied in relation to ideologies and events that have shaped, and continue to shape, Western culture . . . Read the syllabus

Christianity Past and Present

St. Michael’s College, Vermont

. . .  offers an introduction to the origins of Christianity, the Bible, and the major Christian traditions. The course is divided into three units covering the biblical foundations of Christianity, medieval developments, and modern challenges. Topics covered in the course include heresy and orthodoxy, church and state, the ‘war’ between science and religion, and much more . . . Read the syllabus